The Downtown Community Resource Center was created in the aftermath of 9/11 to honor, support and facilitate the efforts of those living and working in lower Manhattan as they work toward the rebuilding and revitalization of their community.

The Center has provided opportunities for members of the various and diverse communities of lower Manhattan to come together to renew and strengthen their collective spirit. Our goal is to promote and mobilize the resiliency of individuals, families and the community as a whole.

The Center promotes projects and activities that attract a wide range of people and give individuals and families opportunities to:
• identify their own inner resources and resiliency,
• build a sense of community,
• strengthen already existing networks and resources in the community, and
• promote the sustainability of these resources.

Our programs and activities are all initiated and developed by community members. A small Center staff supports their efforts by providing space, structure and coordination for these projects.

The Center is sponsored by the International Trauma Studies Program and was funded by Project Liberty and the New York Times Foundation 9/11 Fund.

The Downtown Community Resource Center has facilitated a number of projects since September 11, 2001. Some of the projects developed by community members include:

Stories From the Ground: The Lower Manhattan Video Archive Project
A Community Initiated Narrative Archive Post 9/11

The DCRC Theater of Witness Project
“Everything’s Back to Normal in New York City: Below Canal – A Work in Progress”

Battery Drumline: Metro Samba for Metro Kids
A Brazilian percussion and dance group for youth from Lower Manhattan and around the city

Neighbor to Neighbor: The Downtown Solution
The Independence Plaza North Tenant’s Association Guide to Community Healing

Everything’s Back to Normal in New York City: Below Canal: A Work in Progress. The DCRC Theater of Witness Project