Nancy Baron, Ed.D. received her Doctorate in Education at the University of Massachusetts, U.S.A. with a concentration in Family Therapy and Counseling Psychology. While working in the U.S.A., she was a therapist in private practice specializing in work with couples and court-involved adolescents and their families. She taught courses in counseling skills at various universities and helped to establish a graduate program in Community Mental Health/Family Studies and an institute for family therapy. Since 1989, she has changed her life context and specialization. She is presently the Co-Director of Global Psychiatric and Psycho-Social Initiatives (GPSI) and provides consultation, assessment, research, training, program design and evaluation for UN organizations and international and local NGOs in community and family focused psycho-social and mental health programming in conflict and post-conflict countries. She has lived and worked in Africa, including Burundi, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa and Southern Sudan; Asia, in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka; Eastern Europe, in Albania and Kosovo and in the South Pacific on the Solomon Islands. Her most recent teaching includes courses on the treatment of trauma, methods of community intervention and training of educators in South Africa, training of family community support workers in Afghanistan and training of trainers from 11 post-conflict countries in the initiation of psycho-social interventions. She is in the process of assisting ITSP to begin a training program in West Africa.
Dr. Baron now lives between Liberia and Morocco.