Dr. Soeren Buus Jensen, M.D., Ph.D. , Specialist in Psychiatry Søren Buus Jensen is a senior psychiatrist with significant experience from general psychiatric treatment and sub-specialized as psychotherapist in work with refugees and torture victims in Denmark. Through the last 15 years he has been involved in international mental health work especially in conflict and post-conflict countries.
Søren Buus is also a senior still highly active researcher with more than 160 national and international publications, a doctoral degree from Denmark and ongoing upfront research projects in the developing world. He is on the editorial board of Journal of Traumatic Stress and member of the UN-committee on Mental Health. In Denmark he has consulted to several organizations working with refugees and torture survivors and when he left Denmark (2000), he was the Executive Director (Adm. Overlaege) at Glostrup Univ. Hospital, Dept. Psychiatry. His international experience covers mental health/ human rights research in Chile on survivors of torture and other organized violence. He was based 3 years in the Former Yugoslavia (1994-1996) first in charge of WHO Mental Health Programs and later chief (Special Representative) of the overall WHO Humanitarian Aid Program. He was team leader for the evaluation of UNICEF’s trauma work in Rwanda and recently WHO Researcher and Mental Health Policy Advisor in Sierra Leone (2002). He just finalized a large research project for UNICEF Somalia on child protection. Søren Buus has recent experience from direct fieldwork in S. Sudan, N. Uganda, Burundi (2000-2002), is affiliated with New York University (Trauma Studies) and Senior Trainer at The South African Trauma Institute (Joh.burg).