Dr. Saliha Bava, LMFT is an Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry.
· She brings 25 years of experience in consulting, designing and implementing community engagement projects and processes, both in her home country of India and her current home of the US. She presents internationally and nationally, has published articles and book chapters from collaborative and performative perspectives. Her scholarship focuses on the power of relational play in creative processes for couples, families, communities, and organizations; cross-cultural relationships; hyperlinked identity; collective trauma; social justice; relational leading; digital life; research methodology; and teaching/learning.
· As the Director of Research at the International Trauma Studies Program, she has researched theater, community resiliency, and psychosocial practices.
· She is an advisor at the Taos Institute's doctoral program and on the faculty for Houston Galveston Institute (HGI), the world-renowned home for Collaborative-Dialogic Practices. And serves on the advisory board of Taos Institute which is a community of over 500 scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes that construct our world. Since 2012-2017, she served on the American Family Therapy Academy board.
· She is a co-founder and board member of the International Certificate Program in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices which is co-sponsored by HGI and Taos Institute. She is the co-founding editor of the International Journal of Collaborative-Dialogic Practices.
· In her NYC-based private practice, she sees couples and coaches therapists in business, clinical & community practices.
· Originally from India, she lives in NYC with her partner and bonus son. Visit salihabava.com to learn about her practice and http://thinkplaypartners.com/playlab/ for her research.
Twitter: @ThinkPlay